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NIU Prof. Yi-Ling Chen Invited to Malaysia for Stingless Bees, Natural Agriculture Exchange

NIU Prof. Yi-Ling Chen, Chairperson of EMA Program in College of Bioresources, was invited to Selangor coastal area, Malaysia in the middle of May, for the research exchange of stingless bees and Natural Agriculture. Federation of Vegetable Farmers Associations of Selangor coastal area of Malaysia warmly welcomed Prof. Chen and expressed the excitement toward her visit.

Prof. Chen said that Natural Agriculture and stingless bees raising are environmentally-friendly. Natural Agriculture provides a safe breeding environment for stingless bees, which directly improve honey quality. Prof. Chen encourages Malaysia farmers to raise stingless bees and use clearer agriculture technology to protect the biophysical environment, which can prevent the extinction of bees. The increased use of pesticides are believed to be one of the causes of bee decline, and experts declare that this could cause major global food production problem.

Mr. Chin-Kuo Hung, Chairman of Federation of Vegetable Farmers Associations of Selangor coastal area of Malaysia, considering that stingless bees can contribute to sustainable development of agriculture. He hopes Prof. Chen can revisit Malaysia for further exchange of stingless bee raising technology.





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