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NIU Held an Admissions Seminar and Received Positive Feedback from Participations

The Office of International Affairs held an admissions seminar at the Division of Preparation Programs for overseas Chinese Students of National Taiwan Normal University on April 25. Many overseas Chinese students choose to study at the Division for one year to improve Chinese language proficiency and abilities of fundamental subjects, then apply to enter universities in Taiwan.
Prof. Chun-Ju Wang, Chair of the Department of Applied Economics and Management, was invited to be the speaker, introducing NIU in detail and provided the students full information. Especially the Chinese and English courses credit waiver implemented since 106 academic year was presented. Prof. Wang also answered a lot of questions from the students thoroughly after the introduction, having a warm and great interaction with the participants during the seminar.
Mr. Chin-Huang Hsieh, the counselor from the Division of International Student Affairs, inviting NIU students graduated from the Division of Preparation Programs for Overseas Chinese Students of National Taiwan Normal University to visit their old school and share their study life at NIU. The seminar was a big success and participants gave positive feedback to NIU. We look forward to introduce NIU to more oversea Chinese students and help them to find their suitable departments through our admission seminar every year.





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