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Honorable Guests from University of Michigan-Dearborn at NIU

Prof. Raju Balakrishnan, Dean of College of Business and Prof. Yi-Su Chen from Department of Management Studies, University of Michigan-Dearborn (UMD), USA, visited NIU on May 16 2017. Prof. An-Pan Cherng, Director of the Office of International Affairs, Prof. Yi-Chih Chiu, Dean of the College of Bioresources, Prof. Yi-Fan Tung, Deputy Dean of the College of Humanities and Management, Prof. Chun-Ju Wang, Chair of the Department of Applied Economics and Management, Prof. Su-Der Chen, Chair of the Department of Food Science, and Division Head Ms. Tan-Wei Chang from the Office of International Affairs warmly welcomed the visitors. Their visit was a great opportunity to discuss the expansion of the cooperation between NIU and UMD. NIU has signed MBA, MS, 3+2 and visiting programs with the College of Business of UMD. During the meeting, they discussed the perspective collaboration of program of study. Both sides look forward to create more opportunities for students to study abroad.

NIU sent 7 students to study at UMD for 3+2 program last year. The Office of International Affairs specially invited 5 of them who just came back to the homeland to meet the two honorable visitors. 4 NIU students who are interested in studying at UMD participated the meeting as well. Prof. Balakrishnan encouraged students to take advantage of the learning environment at UMD to be brave to speak in English and make friends with students from different countries. All the students had great exchange and interaction. After the meeting, the visitors and the students took photos together, wishing to meet again on UMD campus. This visit helped two universities to have the opportunities of deeper cooperation in the near future.





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