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UDN News Report:NIU Students Guided Foreigners around Yilan City

NIU students invited international students and foreigners living in Yilan to explore Yilan old downtown district which is rich with culture and stories. 15 students led 12 foreigners to visit hundred-year-old temples and learn about unique traditional skills. With a full cultural exchange during the tour, all of the participants learned much more than what they can get from textbooks.

The NIU student club, Beyond X World, consisting of students who have been put on their backpacks and traveled abroad. After experienced the splendid exotic cultures, the students wanted to pass on the touching feeling to foreigners. Based on their travelling experiences, what attracted them the most are the inner streets and alley ways which represents important cultural elements of a city. So these 15 passionate youths decided to introduce Yilan, which is the second hometown of most NIU students, to international students studying at NIU and foreigners living in Yilan through a rich cultural English tour guiding of Yilan old downtown district.

Yilan old downtown district, where you can see E-Wang Community, Bixia Temple, works of a Taiwanese woodcarving expert Mr. Jung-Hsing Tsai and old streets with modern and historical buildings coexisting, is typical of Yilan style for the students. They gathered information online and did field research. However, it was difficult for them to communicate with residents in Taiwanese Hokkien. “The most challenging part was that we have to translate the information from Taiwanese Hokkien to Chinese, and then to English.” said by the general coordinator Ms. Chia-Fang Wu from the Department of Languages and Literature.

Within two months, the students put a lot of effort into organizing the information to a tour guiding script and translated it to colloquial English with the assistance from Taiwanese and foreign volunteers. Prof. Yen-Ling Lu who is the club instructor said that the most valuable for the students was to put what they learned into practice and interact with people with different cultural backgrounds. Prof. Lu welcome all the students to join them, because “Only when you have cultural exchange, can you know how big the world is!” said by Prof. Lu.






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